125 Ideas for Travel Blogs – A Guide to Help Get You Started

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Everyone loves to explore and go on holiday, that’s why it’s one of the top niches to write about! We have been writing about our travels for 3 years now, and you would think it would be relatively easy to come up with ideas for travel blogs. Just write about your experiences and destinations, yes?

Becoming a travel blogger is an exciting way to document your journeys, connect with fellow travellers, and inspire others to explore the globe. But with so many potential topics to cover, it can be overwhelming to know where to begin.

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of 125 ideas for travel blogs to help kick-start your blogging journey, or if you’re an experienced travel blogger and have a bit of a mind block. Blogging itself can be a bit stressful at times, and extremely time-consuming, so hopefully, these ideas will revive your passion to write about all things travel.

125 Ideas for Travel Blogs

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Each idea and title will have a destination in mind, so you will need to adjust them accordingly. We always find that some of our best travel topics include numbers or listicles of the best things to do in a location (Google sends the most traffic to our 7-Day Tokyo Itinerary post).

So if you haven’t covered a day itinerary or “The Best Things to Do in [location]”, this is the easiest place to start.

Using London as an example this could include;

  • A Weekend Itinerary in London
  • The Top 10 Things to Do in London
  • The Most Instagrammable Places in London
  • 15 Iconic Sites in London
  • The Best Place to Shop in London
  • 10 Reasons to Visit London in the Winter
  • 20 Free Things to Do in London
  • The Top 15 Historical Homes in London
  • The Top 10 Restaurants for Fussy Eaters in London
  • The Best Kid-Friendly Activities in London
  • The Top Hotels in London for Families
  • The Best Boutique Hotels in London
  • Neighbourhoods You Don’t Want to Miss When Visiting London
  • The Ultimate Guide to Getting Around London
  • The Top West End Shows in London

Now, London is a vast city to narrow down in such a way, so it is best to concentrate on certain neighbourhoods, as this is what people will be looking for. If they are staying in a hotel in Marylebone, they might be looking for the best restaurants, shopping trips and things to do in this area.

As always, do your keyword research to make sure you have a chance of ranking with your travel topics and that people are actually searching for them! The more you niche down, the better your post has to get traffic.

Every time you visit a destination, try to cover it extensively. This also helps build your topical authority in the area and helps Google understand what your travel blog is about.

If you have exhausted this list, and are still looking for inspiration, these ideas for travel blogs should help get you on your way.

Destination Inspiration

brighton palace pier

One of the reasons travellers come to your blog is to either get inspiration for new places to visit or to research upcoming trips. You could even use these ideas to plan adventures of your own and write about them.

  • Hidden Gems: Unearthing Off-the-Beaten-Path in [destination]
  • Coastal Adventures: Exploring the Seaside Towns and Beaches of [destination]
  • Road Trip Routes: Epic Drives and Scenic Highways of Scotland
  • A City Guide: Insider Tips for Exploring the City of Bath
  • Island Hopping: Adventures Around the Scilly Isles
  • National Park Adventures: Discovering the Beauty of Dartmoor
  • Cultural Capitals: Immersing Yourself in Edinburgh’s Art, History and Cuisine
  • Remote Retreats: Off-the-Grid Getaways You Don’t Want to Miss
  • Urban Exploration: Delving into the Heartbeat of Brighton
  • Mountain Escapes: Scaling the Peaks of the French Alps

Travel Tips and Tricks

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We all know how stressful travel can be. Have you packed your passport? What is the exchange rate? How can I pack 4 pairs of shoes into a cabin bag? These are some of the most asked questions on Google when it comes to travel, and your travel blog can answer those questions!

  • Packing Essentials: Smart Strategies for Efficient Packing
  • Budget Travel Hacks: How to See the World on a Shoestring
  • Solo Travel Survival Guide: Tips for Exploring Alone Safely
  • Family-Friendly Destinations: The Best Places to Go with Kids
  • Luxury Travel Experiences: How to Find the Best Luxury Deals
  • Eco-Friendly Travel Practices: Sustainable Tips for Responsible Tourism
  • Travelling with Pets: How to Bring Your Furry Friends Along
  • Travel Safety Tips: Staying Safe and Secure on Your Adventures
  • Digital Nomad Life: Balancing Work and Travel in Exotic Locations
  • Cheap Flights: How to Find the Best Deal for Your Next Holiday

All of the 10 ideas above could be a travel niche in their own right. One of the best pieces of advice we can give new travel bloggers is to niche down to a certain area of travel.

If you have a talent for travelling on a budget, create your blog around this area only. If you are a family travelling, give potential readers insight into how to do it with ease.

This not only works for SEO, but it is also important if you want to grow on social media as it helps your audience understand what your travel content is about, and what they can learn from you.

Adventure Activities

If you love an adventure on your travels, from thrill-seeking to bungee jumping, camping to paragliding, this is a popular travel niche to write about on your blog.

  • Outdoor Adventures: My Top Hiking, Camping, and Backpacking Tips
  • Water Sports: Surfing, Snorkeling, and Diving in the Seychelles
  • Extreme Sports Challenges: Pushing the Limits in Adrenaline-Fueled Activities
  • Wildlife Encounters: The Best Safaris, Sanctuaries, and Animal Conservation Trips
  • Sky High: Our Favourite Hot Air Ballooning, Paragliding, and Skydiving Adventures
  • Winter Wonderland: Head to Norway for Skiing, Snowboarding, and Cozy Cabin Retreats
  • Cultural Immersion Experiences: Cooking Classes, Traditional Crafts, and Local Festivals
  • Wellness Retreats: Our Guide to the Best Spa Getaways, Yoga Retreats, and Mindfulness Workshops
  • Volunteering Abroad: Making a Difference While Traveling the World
  • Historical Adventures: Exploring Manor Houses, Castles, and Cathedrals in England

Travel Writing and Photography

Black Dslr Camera Mounted on Black Tripod

Another great travel niche you could concentrate on is travel writing and photography. If you have a way with words, or know how to use a Canon EOS R5 properly, you have a skill that people are searching for and want information on!

Some travel content examples include;

  • Travel Writing Tips: How to Craft Compelling Stories and Captivating Content
  • Photography Techniques: How to Capture Stunning Travel Photos for Beginners
  • Digital Nomad Diaries: Balancing Work and Wanderlust on the Road
  • Travel Blogging Essentials: How to Build Your Online Presence with Photography
  • Travel Journal Prompts: Sparking Creativity and Reflection on Your Journeys
  • Drone Photography: How to Capture Aerial Perspectives of Stunning Landscapes
  • Travel Videography: Tips for Shooting and Editing Epic Travel Videos
  • Travel Influencer Insights: Behind-the-Scenes of Life as a Digital Nomad
  • Travel Blogging Resources: Tools, Apps, and Platforms to Enhance Your Blog

Cultural Experiences

Cultural experiences offer travellers a genuine taste of the local way of life, allowing them to immerse themselves in the customs, traditions, and daily rituals of a particular community. If you love to travel beyond the tourist destinations, there are plenty of people looking to do the same.

  • Literary Travel Adventures: Visiting Settings from Famous Books and Authors
  • Artistic Escapes: Exploring Museums, Galleries, and Street Art Around the World
  • Music Festivals and Concerts: Our Favourite Festivals to Visit in 2024
  • Culinary Journeys: Sampling Street Foods, Local Delicacies, and Fine Dining in London
  • Traditional Festivals: Celebrating Culture and Tradition in Brazil
  • Spiritual Journeys: Discover the Best Pilgrimages, Retreats, and Sacred Sites
  • Folklore and Mythology: Exploring Legends and Tales from Scandinavia
  • Homestay Experiences: Living with Locals and Immersing Yourself in Culture
  • Exploring Faith: The Best Cathedrals and Churches to Visit in the UK
  • Street Food Delights: Our Favourite Cities to Challenge Your Tastebuds

Traveling Off the Beaten Path

Wooden Bridge in Shallow Photo

Following on from culture trips, one of the best ways to do this is to go off the beaten path. In an era of mass tourism and globalized consumer culture, finding little-known places to explore will guarantee to find you a new audience!

  • Adventure Motorcycling: Riding the World’s Most Thrilling Mountain Routes
  • Van Life Adventures: Nomadic Living and Road Tripping in a Campervan
  • Trekking and Hiking Expeditions: Conquering Trails and Summits in the Alps
  • Dark Tourism: Exploring Sites of Tragedy, History, and Mystery
  • Alternative Accommodations: Staying in Treehouses, Yurts, and Eco-Lodges
  • Digital Detox Retreats: Unplugging and Reconnecting with Nature
  • House Sitting and Couchsurfing: Affordable Accommodation Options for Travelers
  • Volunteer Travel Experiences: Giving Back and Making a Difference
  • Road Less Traveled: Exploring Underrated and Overlooked Destinations
  • Secret Spots: Hidden Gems and Unusual Destinations in Europe

Sustainable and Responsible Travel

Woman Standing on a Field with Arms Raised Looking at Wind Turbines Under Blue Sky and White Clouds

This is a popular and fast-growing travel niche, and if you do it right, you could see your travel content get ahead of competitors. Travellers are looking for ways to travel sustainably, supporting local communities and flying less.

  • Sustainable Tourism Initiatives: Supporting Conservation and Community Projects
  • Eco-Friendly Accommodations: Staying in Green Hotels and Eco-Lodges in France
  • Responsible Wildlife Tourism: Ethical Encounters and Animal Conservation in Africa
  • Plastic-Free Travel Tips: How to Reduce Waste and Single-Use Plastics on Your Trips
  • Carbon Offset Programs: Mitigating Your Travel Carbon Footprint
  • Community-Based Tourism: Supporting Local Communities and Economies
  • Farm-to-Table Experiences: Eating Local and Supporting Sustainable Food Systems on Your Travels
  • Fair Trade Souvenirs: Shopping Responsibly and Supporting Artisans
  • Leave No Trace Principles: Minimizing Your Impact on the Environment
  • Cultural Sensitivity: Respecting Local Customs, Traditions, and Beliefs When Travelling

Seasonal Travel Guides

a path leading down to the beach in Cornwall
Whitsand Bay in Cornwall

Another good way to narrow down your travel blog is to cover different seasons. This will help your blog to stay topical and help your readers find inspiration for certain types of escape.

Summer Travel Ideas

  • Summer Escapes: Beach Vacations and Island Hopping Trips You Don’t Want to Miss
  • Budget Travel: Cheap Summer Getaways for 2024
  • Summer Staycation Ideas: How to Explore Your Own City Like a Tourist
  • Exploring Coastal Towns: The Best Towns to Visit in Southern England This Summer
  • Summer Road Trip Essentials: Packing Tips and Itinerary Ideas

Autumn Travel Ideas

  • Fall Foliage Tours: The Best Autumn Road Trips for 2024 in the USA
  • Cosy Cabin Retreats: Escape to a Rustic Getaway in the Woods
  • Autumn Photography Tips: Capturing the Beauty of Changing Seasons
  • Wine Tasting Tours: Sampling Seasonal Varietals in Vineyards
  • Autumn Camping Essentials: Tips for Camping in Crisp Fall Weather

Winter Travel Ideas

  • Winter Wonderland Destinations: Where to Experience Magical Snowscapes
  • Ski Resort Reviews: Finding the Perfect Slopes for Winter Sports
  • Winter Festivals Around the World: Celebrating the Season in Style
  • Northern Lights Chasing: Best Places to Witness the Aurora Borealis
  • Ice Hotel Adventures: Sleeping in Frozen Artworks and Igloos

Spring Travel Ideas

  • Spring Blossom Travels: Where to Find the Best Blossom in Japan
  • Springtime Hiking Trails: Exploring Scenic Routes Amidst Blossoming Landscapes
  • Garden Tours: Visiting Botanical Gardens and Arboretums in Full Bloom
  • Cycling Adventures: Exploring Scenic Routes and Bike-Friendly Destinations
  • Picnic Perfect: Best Spots for Al Fresco Dining and Springtime Picnics

Travelling on a Budget

Vintage Train in Forest in Taipei

How to travel on a budget is a hugely popular travel niche for your blog and provides endless opportunities for travel content. Everyone loves a bargain, especially in these “cost of living” times, so your travel blog could be the go-to website to help people explore without breaking the bank.

  • Budget Travel Tips: Saving Money on Flights, Accommodation, and Activities
  • Backpacking Adventures: Budget-Friendly Destinations and Hostel Stays
  • Travel Hacking: Maximizing Credit Card Points and Miles for Free Travel
  • Volunteering Abroad: Affordable Travel Options for Giving Back
  • Packing Like a Pro: How to Reduce Your Luggage Size for Cheaper Flights
  • Microadventures: Finding Adventure Close to Home in Everyday Life
  • Free Things to Do in [Destination]: Budget-Friendly Activities for Every Traveller
  • Budget Accommodation Options: From Hostels to Homestays
  • Budget-Friendly Destinations: Affordable Alternatives to Popular Hotspots
  • Traveling Solo on a Budget: Tips for Independent Explorers

Travelling As a Family

a man and boy on a paraglide

Finally, travelling with kids can sometimes be a stressful experience. The cost, how to pack, how to keep kids amused whilst flying…

The list of tips and advice on how to travel as a family is endless and you could easily become the expert travel blogger in helping parents make their holiday a memorable one!

  • Top Family-Friendly Destinations: Where to Go with Kids of All Ages
  • Packing Tips for Family Travel: How to Pack Light and Stay Organized
  • Surviving Long Flights with Kids: Tips for Keeping Little Ones Happy and Entertained
  • Road Trip Games and Activities: Keeping Kids Entertained on the Go
  • Exploring Nature with Kids: Family-Friendly Hikes and Outdoor Adventures
  • Navigating Theme Parks with Kids: Strategies for a Stress-Free Visit
  • Multigenerational Travel: Tips for Traveling with Extended Family Members
  • Family Travel Safety: Essential Tips for Keeping Kids Safe While Exploring
  • Exploring Cities with Kids: Family-Friendly Attractions and Activities
  • Traveling with Teens: How to Keep Older Kids Engaged and Excited

I hope you have got some inspiration from the above travel content titles and ideas, whether you’re exploring exotic destinations, sharing travel tips and advice, or documenting your personal adventures.

There is never a shortage of travel topics to cover. Just remember to try and stick to a travel niche, do your keyword research and check out your competitors to see if you have a chance of ranking in your chosen subject. Sounds easy right? 🙂

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