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The Savoy Grill by Gordon Ramsay – Dreaded Rebrand or Gentle Refinement?
Restaurant Reviews | Blog | City Breaks | Europe | UK | UK (London)

The Savoy Grill by Gordon Ramsay – Dreaded Rebrand or Gentle Refinement?

I am naturally highly suspicious of re-brands. Rebranding something, to me, is always the sign of a failing product, desperately trying to reverse its ailing fortunes. Truly enduring products surely never need re-branding. Sure, they might refine their marketing and tinker with their logos around the edges as tastes change but a wholesale re-brand is…

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Impressions of Bosham, Near Chichester in West Sussex
South East | Blog | Day Trips | UK

Impressions of Bosham, Near Chichester in West Sussex

“Stands the Church clock at ten to three? And is there honey still for tea?”From “The Old Vicarage, Grantchester” by Rupert Brooke (1887 – 1915) Probably since about the 1970s, but definitely in the past ten years, Britain has been in the embrace of an incredibly dangerous new drug. It’s more socially acceptable than heroin,…